About us ✌️

Welcome to our small, sustainable company in the heart of Bavaria, where our passion for outdoor sports and the beauty of nature shapes everything we do. Our goal is to inspire people to step away from their screens, experience adventure and connect with nature. 🌳 We believe there is no better way to enjoy life than immersing yourself in nature and having fun outside. 💪 We are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint through the use of environmentally friendly materials, responsible production processes and support of global initiatives that protect the natural landscapes we value. 🌏 Join us on our mission and let's create memories together that are created in harmony with wonderful nature and are unforgettable. Get ready to experience the wilderness and rediscover the joy of outdoor sports! ☀️

Plant trees with every product purchased! 🌍

With a strong commitment to sustainability, we have integrated an eco-conscious initiative into every order you place. For every product you purchase, we dedicate ourselves to planting a tree, thereby helping to restore and preserve our valuable environment. We believe that every small action counts, and by integrating tree planting into our business model, we are taking a step towards a greener future. Let's do something together to support nature and create a sustainable future!


Frequently asked questions 💬

Shipping abroad

Yes, we ship all over the world. Please note that orders for countries outside the EU may incur customs costs. (We are based in Germany). Shipping costs are displayed at checkout.

delivery time

It depends on where you order from and which shipping service providers are available. Since we have chosen an environmentally friendly production process, the products are only made for you when you order them and are sent to you after a production time of approx. 2 days. Estimated delivery times are as follows:

- Germany (2-5 working days)

- Europe (2-5 business days)

- USA (5 - 15 business days)

- EFTA states (2 - 5 working days)

- Ireland (2 - 5 working days)

- United Kingdom (5 - 15 working days)

- Australia (5 - 15 business days)

- Rest of the world (10 - 30 business days)

Lost shipments

If your package may have been lost, please call the courier company and provide them with the tracking number . If you are not sure where to find your tracking number, it has been emailed to you with shipping confirmation . Please be sure to check your spam folder as emails can sometimes end up there.


If you are unsure which size is right for you, please refer to our easy-to-understand size chart . Just look at the chart, take a tape measure, and measure the length and width of something you already own that fits you well. Then compare and find the right size from the table to make a decision about which size from us is right for you. All of our products are unisex and can be ordered by both women and men. We recommend ordering one size larger for a loose, oversized look.

Washing instructions

Follow these 3 tips to ensure that the t-shirts stay beautiful for a long time:

1. Turn the t-shirts inside out before washing.

2. Wash the T-shirts at a maximum of 30 degrees (40 degrees is also fine).

3. Prefer air drying over tumble drying (if possible).


We would like to give you some insights about our brand here because not many people know this but... Our brand is just a small, family run brand. If you could please ensure that you have checked our size charts and selected the correct size, it would greatly help us to reduce unnecessary returns. If you really need to return something, please remember: we do not provide return shipping labels (unfortunately we don't have the budget like Amazon). Therefore you have to pay for these yourself. We're really sorry. 🙏

Further questions

You can contact us via our contact page! You can find these at the top of the menu. We're here to help. 😊

We are just an email away. Send us a message and we will make sure you receive a quick and helpful response.